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2023 Child Tax Credit Calculator

Are you an US expat with dependents under 17 years old? You might still be eligible for the 2023 (filed in 2024) child tax credit! Our calculator is designed to help U.S. citizens living abroad estimate their potential child tax credit.

How To Use:

  • Select Your Filing Status: Choose from options like Single, Married Filing Jointly, etc.

  • Enter Your Adjusted Gross Income: Input your AGI for the year 2023.

  • Number of Qualifying Children: Enter the number of children under 17 as of year-end.

Just hit the "Calculate" button to see your estimated total Child Tax Credit and the refundable portion. It's that simple!

Disclaimer: CPAs for Expats makes no warranty as to the accuracy of the results of this calculator tool. The results are estimates and for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for tax advice.

Need Help Claiming Your 2023 Child Tax Credit From Overseas?

At CPAs for Expats, we specialize in helping US expats stay compliant with their US taxes. Our low fees and 4.9/5 rating on independent review platforms attests to our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Contact us today, and let our tax experts simplify your life and taxes.

Written by Lewis Grunfeld, CPA

Lewis Grunfeld, CPA, is a renowned expert in international and U.S. expat taxation, with expertise spanning over ten years. He has successfully helped thousands of expats around the world navigate complex international U.S. tax regulations, and achieve significant tax savings. His work is driven by a strongly rooted passion for assisting the expat community through a wide range of tax situations, ensuring tailored solutions for each unique situation.

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