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Foreign Earned Income Exclusion Calculator

Navigating the complexities of the foreign earned income exclusion can often be confusing and we frequently encounter clients who are unsure about their eligibility for this exclusion. To assist, we've developed an easy-to-use foreign earned income exclusion calculator to check for eligibility.

How to use

Our calculator guides you through a series of straightforward questions regarding your residency status, income, and time spent outside the United States. By answering these questions, you can quickly ascertain your eligibility for the FEIE.

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Disclaimer: This tool is designed for initial guidance based on your inputs. For a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your tax situation please feel free to reach out to us.

Article by Lewis Grunfeld, CPA

Lewis Grunfeld, CPA, is a renowned expert in international and U.S. expat taxation, with expertise spanning over ten years. He has successfully helped thousands of expats around the world navigate complex international U.S. tax regulations, and achieve significant tax savings. His work is driven by a strongly rooted passion for assisting the expat community through a wide range of tax situations, ensuring tailored solutions for each unique situation.

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