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Did you move overseas for a work assignment? Did you go to college overseas and ended up staying?

Your tax situation may be more complex, and that's why were here to help. We've helped 1,000's of U.S. expats just like yourself stay compliant with the IRS during their stay abroad.

Traveler with Suitcase
What our clients are saying...

Shawn O., Amsterdam

         Can't say enough about these guys. Fast service and as quoted with no surprises...magicians. Super happy customer..

Michael B., Norway

Kathy K., Germany

Efficient and helpful. I enjoyed the support and am looking forward to using CPAs for Expats again.

Our Low Pricing

No Hidden Fees: Prices Start at Only $299 USD

Basic Tax Return


  • Form 1040 - Individual Tax Return

  • Form 1116 - Foreign Tax Credit

  • Form 2555  - Foreign Income Exclusion

  • Sch A - Itemized Deductions

  • Sch B - Interest and Dividends (Up to 5 accounts)

  • Schedule D - Capital Gains and Losses (Up to 2 Accounts)

Additional IRS Forms

  • Schedule B - $25 (per additional account)

  • Schedule C - $100

  • Schedule D - $50 (per additional account)

  • Schedule E - $100 (per property)

  • Form 8938 - $100 (up to 10 accounts)

  • Form 8833 - $75

  • Form 5471 - $500

  • State Return - $100

FBAR - $100

Price includes up to 10 accounts. Additional accounts are $10 each.

tax engagement required for fbar services.


Includes 3 years of tax returns, 6 years of FBARs and the streamline certification form

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